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  • I am developing android game but i dont have android device so i test my game in XDK emulator.I also tested my game in browser and node-webkit export and they are fine. Then, i tested in XDK emulator. I clicked once but the emulator showed that i click twice. The problem only occur in emulator.

  • I think the best way would be to test it on a android device so you can quickly see if it is indeed your events that needs modification or it was the emulator that was not accurate. You should build your game in XDK, and once they send you the link for the apk, you can ask your friends with an android device to test it out and see what the results are.

  • You can to install any Android emulator.

  • I mean is the emulator in xdk accurate? Or i have to setup something to overscome this problem?

  • Emulator in XDK is just another web browser, not device emulator. It emulating device resolution and some other functions, but this is not real emulator, like a in Eclipse or other real SDK's. However, XDK is very good tool, don't get me wrong.

    With your problem, you can disable click "possiblity" for some time, maybe 1s after click, then turn on it again. And good habit is do not place buttons on different layouts in same place (real place on device), because after clicking "go layout 2" you can click also on layout 2 back button for example if is in same place. You must be tricky a little.

    If you have no real device, is much harder. You should have it, but I published my 1st game without and here was no problems, but a lot of pain with checking how it should work.

    If you are working in XDK and you are using sounds, you should use Crosswalk only, because here sound will work 99% where other exports, without some magic, it will not work on 99%.

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  • My game involve point per click. Each time i click should add one point. There is no problem in all export. But in emulator when i click once it add 2 points instead of 1. Just need to know whether the real device follow the emulator or not. I dont have android device because i already have apple device, my financial is very tight.

  • I had similar problem with my program in Construct2. It was not game, but some kind of software with calculations. In XDK I had errors, but on device no! This is not granted, but probably some Node Webkit error (XDK emulator basing on it). Anyway, you should double check all operations to avoid not needed multiple calculations and result errors. And finally somebody should test it on device. I had same problem with Windows Phone version, but I found person with this phone and I finally tested on real device.

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