Intel XDK and a blank black screen (WP8, Android)

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've created a mobile game which at some point needs a QR scanner. I've decided to use Intel XDK wrapper because it provides an API for that.

    However there is a very minor case of serious runtime problem. The exported app runs fine in the emulator but in the Intel App Preview on the device (tested Windows Phone 8 and Android) the only thing I can see is a blank black screen.

    I don't use App Game Interfaces.

    I'm attaching the main XDK's index.html file (had to pack it).

    Sorry for my English,

    looking forward to any kind of help

  • Hi,

    I'm seeing this same problem.

    This looks like an Intel problem. When I run the game in the debugger on a device or emulator there is a console message that intelxdk.js can not be found. This does not occur on apps generated with the xdk, just my Intel XDK exports.

    Has anyone been able to get XDK 505 to work?

  • Weirdest bug ever.

    Just change your index.html in the place where it includes intelxdk.js from:

    <script src="intelxdk.js"></script>[/code:2tlhrlci]
    [code:2tlhrlci]<script src='intelxdk.js'></script>[/code:2tlhrlci]
    And that's it, really.
    I've decided to try it because in all of the XDK's templates only one script tag uses single quotes, the intelxdk's one 
    Scirra (@Ashley ?), please adjust your exporter 
    I did some more minor changes in this file, so i'm attaching it here, but only when I changed these quotes it started working.
    There is, however, another major problem:
    Can't get input to work!
    On Android the keyboard doesn't show up on text boxes and on Windows Phone even touch doesn't work!
    Plz halp.
    And thanks 

    for help. For some reason I can't get my debugger to work so if it weren't for you I wouldn't even know where to look

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  • Cool - team work.

    I am able to get my game to run on ios.

    This will take a little trial and error.

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