Intel sdk now works for me but give me wrong default icon!

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  • Dear friend,

    it's about a week that i can't compile my new game....first the intel xdk told me that i used a crosswalk 7 version of it...then i have done succefully the compilation putting on version code :11 and on version the last tab from stable to "beta"......ok

    But now after a lot of compilation i can't see my app icon on my mobile....of course i have putted into the xdk intel tab spalshscreen and icon for android crosswalk lanscape......

    Any idea?? can somebody help me please???

    thanks A lot,


  • Make sure that you exported for crosswalk and also when you are adding the icons make sure you choose the crosswalk tab from above.if this didn't work tell me


    now the only way to publish our game is only intel xdk...(because it works or in theory).I have putted the icons in the tabs relative crosswalk cordova 3.x and below the buildindgs tab ... i have putted in the icons tab on crosswalk tab only in landscape mode... because my game is made in that mode...i have tryed also to put in portrait.. but nothing...

    In the plugins tab i selected but is also by default also spalsh screen.... bho...i don't know...

    another problem is when i want to quit the application on my mobile it don't quit.....why???

    I have also tryed all the compiler on the web... Like cocoonjs, it works but don't sign the app and it's difficult...the same for phone gap.....Intel xdk have some problem now like exe too heavy...for example.....

    It's there's a way to compile with a push button simply?????

    Thanks a lot to everybody......


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  • I thank you to everybody,

    I have compiled now my game with success!!!

    I have solved the problem icon....I must put every icons and spalshs screen for landscape and portrait under icon and spalsh tab for android crosswalk cordova 3.x the icon works fine!!!!

    Now i can sell my game.... Thanks Again..


  • I am having a similar problem.

    My game will be wrapped up with android-crosswalk. I have filled in all required launch icon and splash screen formats.

    After exporting, the apk file does show my submitted launch icon. Same goes for during the installation.

    However, the launch icon that has been created for my game after installing, it shows the default Cordova icon.

    How can that be changed?

    Note: I have wrapped up the game signed by intel xdk and installed the created apk directly on my phone. Playstore wasn't involved in this process.

  • I had the same problem... but it was fixed after reboot xD

  • I had the same problem... but it was fixed after reboot xD

    Omg thanks, that did the trick xD

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