Integrate Google API 64 base enco licnesnce key into Constru

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  • How does one integrate the Google API licensing key into Construct 2? Google provides a 64 base encoded key. This checks to make sure it was actually bought to prevent piracy. In the case of a paid app, it checks to make sure it was purchased. In the case of IAP, it makes sure the IAP was actually purchased.

    Does Construct 2 do this automatically? Like if the app is paid, does it check automatically? If it's a straight up paid app, does Construct 2 run a check? If not how do you integrate the 64 base encoded key into Construct 2 game?

    With a IAP, does the Has Purchase function check this automatically? The Has purchase checks to see if the device has that purchase on it. Google says the 64 key checks to make sure it was actually purchased. For IAP, does Construct 2's IAP Has Purchase do this automatically? Or is the 64 key needed and if so, how do you integrate the Google 64 key into the Construct 2 game?

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  • I suggest you to read this tutorial, on page 6 there is the pertinent answer to your question,

    it's a wonderful tutorial and deserve to be read all.

    https : // / tutorials / 4848 / how-to-get-admob-official-plugin-working-on-android-crosswalk /page-6


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