How do I Integrate Facebook In My Game

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  • Hello,

    I have finished a game and uploaded it on Google Play Services and I would like to add either Facebook scoring system or Google play services scoring. Basically I want to let users see high scores from their friends or overall players either from Google or Facebook. I just want to implement on of these services. I tried CocoonJS Ads plugin but it doesn't work properly, here is what I did with Google services.

    1. Added app id with the CocoonJS plugin

    2. Put a button to check if user is logged in, if not then ask user to login when they click on Stats button.


    First problem is that it is not asking for login to the users, I am not sure if I have done other things right but this is where I am stuck at the moment.

    I am testing it by compiling it from Ludei devportal website then install the debug signed apk file in my device.

    When I click on Stats button it doesn't do any thing.

    My other question is If I use facebook with it instead of Google play services, does it require me to add app domain which I don't have any.

    Please let me know what do I put in this form:


    I don't own a domain so how do I make it work without the app domain please?

    How do I get the Key Hashes?

    How do I get the leaderboard Id for facebook app?

    I would really appreciate any help!!

    Thank you

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