How do I Integrate Facebook Like Candy Crush

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  • Hi everybody,

    I am making a simple game with levels and want to integrate facebook like it is in candy crush


    1. To know at what level my friends are at and show it in the game

    2. To send requests like candy crush does

    3. To integrate these features in android game

    Please help, i could not find anywhere how to implement this, i mean its ok with simple facebook integration and posting scores but these feature may require some good working to implement i guess!

    and i am ready to do whatever it is, just please help me and tell me how!!!

    Thank you

  • This has been asked quite a few times and I don't think it's possible to display friend's information. Assuming you've done the basic work to display scores and leaderboards, I don't think there's anything beyond what's in the manual, nothing else was implemented in C2.

    After doing some digging, community is having trouble getting a response here :


    I don't think it's possible at the moment unless you do some javascript programming of your own, as mentioned in these tutorials where the user has modified the Facebook plugin: ... e-a-friend ... nds/page-5

    You could integrate these into an android game if 1. and 2. were satisfied but I don't think it's possible, I could be wrong though.

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  • Its sad to hear that, it should be possible if they want to make construct the best 2d game engine!

    Thanks for the info and links though!

  • Can i at least load the game from past when connected to facebook like candy crush does?

    In simple language, is it possible that

    a player connects to facebook in my game

    plays my game

    unlock some levels

    uninstall the game

    when he installs again and connects to facebook the game data will be restored from last played

    This happens in candy crush ! is it possible to do with construct???

    Thank you!

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