How do I integrate Facebook Ad?

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  • Hi everyone,

    Has anyone tried to promote your apps on Facebook?

    When I try to create an ad on Facebook, it says "You're not an admin of this app, so you might not see all ad options."

    Do I need to integrate Facebook SDK or anything in my app?

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  • Did you create the app on with your facebook account or someone elses if it wasnt you then have the creater add you as an admin under the settings. You should be able to promote your app without the sdk.

  • This sounds very interesting, I'll try to implement something like that later. Did you know that it is also possible to partially integrate YouTube videos for playback in construct 2?

  • Yes but without the SDK I won't be able to track my installs. At least that's how I understand it. The ad report will only track the CPC and not CPI cause they won't know which of the clicks result to installs.

  • What you are looking for is the ads edge on Facebook and you can achieve it via any Facebook plugin and the standard ajax plugin. The following link will give you a list of url's you can send an ajax 'GET' request to. It will return the data you are looking for in the ajax.lastdata expression when the ajax completes successfully. You will need to parse the data to suite your needs, but that should do the trick for you. ... ights/v2.4

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