How do WE integrate the 360x180 panorama into a layout?

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  • I have found an amazing thing built in .js like our projects. Take a look at this link and let's discuss if it is possible to create a layout like this?!

    I am shocked how easy it looks. I tried to save the page after oppening this link but it saved a simple .js file which is minified I see.

  • Well here's one js library to do that:

    The only thing you'll need to use it is a full 360x180 panorama, broken up into the six sides of a cubic projection. Generating a cubic projection isn't too tricky with Hugin.

    Include the JS and CSS, make a <div> for it to live in, and instantiate it:

    new Spherical({

    container: '#pano',

    front: 'images/front.jpg',

    back: 'images/back.jpg',

    left: 'images/left.jpg',

    right: 'images/right.jpg',

    top: 'images/top.jpg',

    bottom: 'images/bottom.jpg'


  • I tried to open in Firefox and Chrome, and the Image from the link keeps being static. Doesn't move at all. But I am glad it is possible. A little bit of study and I will understand how to combine it with our great C2...

  • It works for me in chrome..

    You just have to holde the left mouse button over the picture and move..

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  • it worked for me from my android Firefox also. Chrome on Desktop show it also better then Firefox..dont know why..

    so, we need to make a plugin to be able to use this in a layout or how can it be integrated in a c2 project? and will it be possible to add additional events on such a layout? for example buttons which have actions not related to only to only this spheric script?

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