How do I instence sprite with event

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  • Hello again.

    Here what I did for now.

    I want to create a gear so I create a round sprite with another teeth sprite that colid on another round gear.

    but it's a lot of event because each teeth need to colid to other gear teeth and each teeth need to colide to make roll the other gear.

    I try to clone the sprite teeth but it have differant name and can't heritate from other event teeth.

    it's there a way to make array of sprite that share same event and beavior ??


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  • insert 2 objects - both sprites - one teeth one round cube.

    add pin behavior to teeth. add solid to both.

    open teeth / circle image editor - go to collision box right click em and select "guess collision polygon"

    after that in events - on start of layout pin teeth to circle. if you want a special position to pin, set their position to image-point.

    • do your stuff to move /whatever and enable collisions on your sprites - then you should collide nicely.
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