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  • Hello !

    First, sorry for my poor english ! :)

    Second, there is my question :

    My game takes place in a sort of maze, with a top view. With ZQSD, you can move the character along the roads, and he has to stop when he arrives on a crossroad. So I compare the character's sprite position and the crossroad's sprite position.

    But there is many crossroads in a maze, so, many instances of the crossroad sprite, and when I ask to compare my character's sprite position and the crossroad's sprite position, he just compares with the first crossroad sprite i placed in my scene, instead of all the instances.

    How can I check for all the instances of the same sprite in the same time?

    I suppose it's not very complicated... but... I didn't find :)

  • use system under loops > for each

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  • It works perfectly ! Thank you, quick response and on target !

    I am a beginner with construct, but it looks every time more cool !


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