Many Instances or One Big Sprite

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  • What is better for rendering:

    A - 3 different tree sprites repeated so that the total number of instances is about 50

    B - 1 Large sprite with all 50 trees inside the image

    In other words, should I use an image editor to create one big sprite with all the trees that I want to incorporate, or should I just make lots of instances of the trees inside the Construct editor itself?

  • Its always better to use many instances of an object, than to make a big map with the tree duplicated many times.

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  • Pakost: Not sure about that; I had better performance when pasting 324 little tile sprites to one canvas and deleting them instead of using no canvas at all.

  • I guess that all depends then... For 20x20 pixels sprites 300 times instanced, its better to use a 512x512 sprite i guess. But for bigger resolution you will need quite big map for all trees, and its a hell of a loss of pixels.

    I might be wrong, but that's how I understand it.

  • Does it depend on the pixels because either way the system will have to render it?

    If I create 50 instances of a sprite, there will be an empty space in between each one. If import them into a png file, there will be transparent pixels in between each one.

    Maybe, empty space is better than transparent pixels???

  • Transparent pixels use graphic memory, so yes, empty space is better.

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