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    Hi I'm having an issue with my instance variables for some reason they seem to be happening to all the sprite instances instead of one at a time.

    It happens on fire, and when they are destroyed. You can see it in the sample capx below. I want each sprite to die or fire on an individual bases, which I thought was the point of instance variables.

    Thank for any help


  • Without having seen the file: sounds like a problem with picking. Look up tutorials about picking in Construct 2.

    The core basics:

    • on the start of a new event every object is selected
    • with conditions in your main- or subevents your selection will get smaller
    • if you want only specific objects to be affected, pick them accordingly with conditions
    • if you are in a subevent where you have deselected a lot of objects with which you want to work again, use the "pick all"-expression to get back select all instances of the selected object, that already existed when the event started, again
  • Your capx file is asking for sharing permission.

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  • Oops I enabled sharing on the capx now

  • Well i sorta solved the issue so never mind and thanks for the help, I didn't know they called choosing instances picking... <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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