how do i make 1 instance of an object be different

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  • hello guys.

    im making a beat em up style game and each instance of attack i spwan a "hitbox" object to handle the collision. i change the damage and properties when spawned. i do this in place of using the animations AS collisions, i just use image points to decide where i want the box to spawn.

    i feel like this is impractical so please if you have any suggestions on how i can handle multiple hitboxes better then this, please let me know.

    anyway, if i stick with my current way of doing things i need to know how to keep each instance separate from each other.

    whats happening now is when i call the hitbox for one instance and i call it again for anything else fast enough, it changes the first hitbox. it might be a simple fix but how do i keep each instance of the same object separate, so i can adjust them as if they were different object... if i actually make them different objects, were talking 50 to 100 different objects for every character since the hitboxes will change during the attack its called for...

  • You could use container(object+multiple hitboxes) or pin multiple hitboxes on objects and actived/desactived them with groups (or when you create objects)

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  • i havent tried to use containers. ill give it a shot

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