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The official Scirra Multiplayer Signalling Server for helping peers find and connect to each other
  • ive bought this THING but there is no TUTORIAL to INSTALL this THING guess would be ... when you sell a tool ... it should also have a tutorial

    since tutorial HELP the buyer

    and then put it on YOUTUBE so others who buy it will also be able to install it super EASYLY

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  • have you tried turning it off and then back on?

  • You need to install node.js first, that's the "framework" the signalling server is running on. That's also written on the page about the server. Download node.js and install, then go to the folder you've downloaded the server and start it with

    node sigserv.js[/code:8ecxvmgs] from the command line (see also the picture in the article).
    Now the clients connect to the signalling server using the local IP and port given. Should work straight forward.
  • ....

  • Okay, that's something the author of the server has to answer, but I could think that the server failed to bind to the domain/url and the port, i.e. on my Mac I can't bind a service to port 80 without administrator privileges.

    ... and while reading the full error message, it looks like that the dns (server name) could not get resolved. I assume, you're running this on your local machine and the this machine has no public URL / dns entry? Try localhost first.

  • port is 7777 is the dns ive bought from noip and its pointing to my computer

    all my game servers work perfectly so why not this signalling ???

    and as local host is work like a charm

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