How do I install old plugins? [Please Help]

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  • Hey Ashley, I read your post entitled "How to install plugins and behaviors", but for some reason, I'm still having a bit of difficultly setting up the AdMob plugin. For example, I downloaded the "cordova-plugin-admob-master" plugin from, then, I unzipped it and dropped the entire "cordova-plugin-admob-master" folder into the Construct2 "plugins" folder (\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins). But when I open Construct2, it gives me a message saying that it didn't install correctly. Can you (or somebody else) tell what I'm doing wrong here?

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  • That doesn't look like a plugin. Look in the other plugin folders to see what files a plugins is expected to have. The main two files c2 is looking for is runtime.js and edittime.js. If you can't find those files for what you're trying to install then it may not be a plugin.

  • guannstar unzip and click on folder to see what is inside. I think you will find another folder call cordova or plugin or admob or master. whatever is the name in cordova-plugin-admob-master folder drag that in proper place example

    C:\program Files\Construct2\Exporters\html5\plugins\

  • Can you give me a link to correct version of the AdMob plugin? Where can I download the folder you're talking about?

  • I can't find the folder you're talking about in the "cordova-plugin-admob-master" plugin folder I downloaded. I know there's supposed to be a folder with 3 java-script files (common, edittime, runtime), and 1 PluginIcon file. I can't find that folder though;(

  • Lordshiva1948, I did what you said, but I didn't see any other folders when I unzipped it again. All I saw were the same 4 folders that I displayed in the very top pic. Can you show me where to download the folder you're talking about?

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  • Lol, what the heck (I'm going crazy)... I can't find the folder anywhere!!! Also, "admob" (the folder I'm looking for) already seems to be in my Construct2 "plugins" folder (but I don't remember ever putting it there). What's does that mean (am I ready to use Admob if the "admob" folder is in the Construct2 plugin folder)?

  • guannstar there is another plugins related to that is Cordova related c2 plugins (+Crosswalk) - cranberrygame - Some free and others are commercial. Have you tried this tutorial How to setup AdMob ads on Construct 2 + MoPub + CocoonJS ... b-cocoonjs

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