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  • Hi!

    I'm new to Constructor 2 and I'm still learning all the stuff, but I find some things I find weird.

    I'm doing a kind of puppet toy with Constructor. I want to allow user to upload a photo, cut it with a mask, and use it as puppet head.

    Can I do that with facebook object?

    If not, does someone known some safe but easy to install php code to allow users upload photos, resize them, rename them with random name (so I can store many photos at a time in the web), crop it with a mask, and return that filename so I can insert it in the html5 javascript code?

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  • For the PHP part, your best bet is a nice search on google for specialized website about PHP.

    For the "import" of the modified image, you should take a look into the c2 plugins section of this forum, to the "Load image at runtime" plugin, this might be what you are looking for.

    At the moment, there is no "easy"/straightforward way of doing what you are trying to achieve. It's pretty tricky anyway.

  • I thought I would be simple just by inserting a

    <PHP>echo $filename</PHP>

    into the generated js file. My main dread was about php security--- I know there exist many php bundles capable of image converting in the fly, but, as I don't have much php experience, I don't know how to deal with web security.

  • You should take a look at this thread.

    PHP is a full language, you need to learn its basics.

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