Insert Touch Sensitivity feature to my game.

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  • I'm creating an Autorunner game for phones and wanted to add Touch senstivity feature to it. By this i mean i wanted to add a function where the power/height of the players jump is determined by how hard the user touchs the screen, so if the user does a quick tap to the screen to jump, it will do a light jump and if its a firmer tap to the screen, it will be a slightly more powerful jump.

    Currently i have set the character to jump the furthest that it can, so i'd like to implement a feature where the player can make shorter jumps by just tapping the screen.

    My capx file is much larger than 2mb so i'm unable to post this here.

    I don't know if this is possible but would any help with this using the Autorunner Template as an example.


  • ummm. Is this even possible. I've never heard of capactive Touch screens ever having that ability. Do you have a link to that. As far as I know you would have judge this based on on duration of touch on the screen not firmness. I'm pretty sure you should base this on touch time. ie jump while touching up to x time. if released before x time stop jumping up.

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  • My apologies, duration of touch is what i was trying to get at but for some reason i had trouble trying to explain it here and ive just worded it wrong. Do you know how to imply this into a game?

  • isTouching then velocity.y = -W

  • Could you show how this is done via the Autorunner Template? I've attempted what you've suggested but i haven't got anywhere with it, i'm not sure on 'velocity.y = .W'.

    Does this event factor in the touch time and the jump strength based on that?

  • Can anyone help? I've searched through the forums but haven't found anything to help me out....

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