How can I insert local storage without breaking my storyline

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  • Hello,

    I,ve made a game (in construction) and at the begin I,ve got a sort off a storyline.

    But if I input the settings for local storage (to keep the number), the storyline stops working..

    If I click on the circle it will extract 1 from my variable.

    Can someone please insert the localstorage settings and keep the storyline working?

    Here is a link to my file:

    (if you don't know how to download all the files: click on the tree circles in the right-top and select: download all)

    Kind regards,

    Niek Biesterbos

  • I don't see localstorage anywhere in your program?

    Right now variable aantalklikjes is set to 100000, so when starting layout 1, you automatically go to layout 2

    Also event sheet 2 doesnt have the subtract action..

    And plus, no event sheet is attached to layout 2..

    I'm not really sure why you use the system time compare, because as far as I know that starts counting at the start of the game and not the layout, so if you have been on layout 1 longer it will have undesired results..

  • [Dutch]

    Oh trouwens, "Ik kan veranderen van kleur" vertaal je als "I can change colour/color"

    Het van vertaal je niet..


  • LittleStain Thnx for the translation <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink" />

    I've removed layout 2 and eventsheet 2.

    I used the compare time action to make the storyline...

    Otherwise I don't know how to do that.

    I didn't insert actions for the localstorage because it didn't work.

    here is a new link:

    I hope it will be alright now...

  • [Dutch]

    LittleStain mijn engels is niet perfect sorry

    Maar voor de andere mensen op dit forum houd ik het maar op engels.


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  • Ofcourse these forums are in English, so no more Dutch..

    You could either use wait actions or much better timer behaviour to time your events..

    Opening the new capx now..

  • [Dutch]

    LittleStain mijn engels is niet perfect sorry

    Maar voor de andere mensen op dit forum houd ik het maar op engels.


    Please post in English or provide an English translation.


  • zenox98 alright!

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