How do I insert animated GIF ?

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  • hello,

    i downloaded some animated GIF sprites, when i insert them to my project,

    the problem is that this GIF dosn't play, why?

    they still not animated.



  • Hi

    You need to extract frames with for example and the import into the sprite as new frames

  • thanks jordic1968,

    what about Flash files?

  • A gif can just be dragged straight onto a Layout, and a sprite will automatically be created with all the individual frames from the .gif.

    Flash files are not supported, nor will they ever be.

  • thank you Zenox98, can you upload a sample?

  • A sample is really not needed, as it's the mechanical process of drag and drop that is at work here. A sample would just show an animated sprite, which is effectively useless.

    Just start a new project, then drag any .gif from your PC and drop it onto the Layout anywhere. The .gif will be turned into an animated sprite.

    If you're not comfortable with the Drag and Drop process, then the long way is to Press right mouse and select 'Insert new object'.

    Choose sprite and click anywhere on the Layout. The Image Editor will automatically launch, allowing you to create or load your graphic for the sprite. In the 'Animation Frames' window, press right mouse and select 'Import Frames' and navigate to where you have your .gif file. The gif will be loaded and split into it's original frames.

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  • thank you man,

    when i dragged it, it work

    my mistak is that i added a gif with "add sprite" function


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