How do I Input a number and then calculate

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  • Hi,

    I make power kites, I am want to make a small program to help me design NASA para wing kites.

    What I need to know is how to input a numbers witch will be the height of the kite. From that number I can calculate all the stuff I need to know. I will use the input number in about 40 calculations. I got a textbox that I can

    input the numbers. I have a var that is set to 0. How do I set this var to the number that is in the textbox?

    Let say the input number is 30 I want the var to go from 0 to 30. Then I want to use that var(30) calculate many

    things. So have calculation #1,calculation #2,calculation #3 and so on. how do I do that?

    I know that is a lot.

    thank you



    Sorry, one more thing, I need all the product of the calculations to print out on the screen. Each one will have it's

    own X,Y position.


  • you can make a Slider and make the range go from 0-30

    then use that in your calculation: SliderBar.Value * whatever you want.

    or use a TextBox like: int(TextBox.Text) + 5 or whatever your calculation is.

  • Perhaps you are looking for the System.SetValue Action? By assigning the value of a slider or textbox to a variable, you can use it even after the textbox/slider is gone. I hope this is what you wanted.

  • you could do it like this

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  • Great, that give me alot to think about. A slider may be the way to go. I did not think of that.

    Lordshiva1948 that was a very good example I will let you all know what i did.

    Thank you all


  • One thing I need to change, I don't under stand the text box stuff yet. As I slide the bar I need the numbers to be displayed as the bar is being used. That way I can stop at the number I want. How would you make the numbers show on the screen as you are sliding the bar?

    Thank You Renny.

  • How would you make the numbers show on the screen as you are sliding the bar?


    Slider Bar...Compare value...not equal


    Text...set text to..Slider.Bar.Value

  • Here is what I got when I try your code.

    I must be putting in the wrong way see photo

    what am I doing wrong?

    thank you


  • Text is default name for text object..if you rename text object from Text to Something.....

    Action is


  • Ok, I am going line by line and learning this so I don't have to get help on this again.

    will get back to you.


  • ................

  • sadsack don't worry we are here to help

  • sadsack just change one like this and you be fine

  • I getting a grip on this text business. I want to say thanks for all the help. I will keep you posted on how the kite design program is doing

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