How do I... use a non-integer in variables?

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  • Hi guys-

    I'm really not sure how to word what it is I want to do, but I'll try anyways!

    Being new to construct and making my first game, I'm wonder if it possible to "split" a point scored in the game into two different variables.

    For instance, if the player successfully picks up an object- instead of earning "1" point they would instead earn "2/3rd"s of a point in one category/variable and the remaining "1/3rd" of the point into another category/variable.

    Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm my game is actually for a project!


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  • VarPoints=3 (divisible by 3)

    VarScore = VarPoints/3

    VarScore would equal 1 in this case

    Player only sees "I have five points" but the variable will read 15. This way the single digits can be put in the proper category? I recommend this way because you don't have to work with decimals. From here you can say "one point to this category, two points to that one. Just a suggestion.

  • or perhaps more simply

    score1 = score1 + new_points*033

    score 2 = score2 + new_points*0.66

    total_score = score1 + score2

    or you could do

    score1 = score1 + new_points

    score 2 = score2 + new_points

    total_score = (score1 + 2*score2)/3

    lots of different ways to do this. what I would say is that sometimes it's nice to convert scores back to integer numbers or a fixed number of decimals.. so

    integers, use floor or round or ceil

    fixed decimal places, I use (floor ( score*100))/100

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