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  • just wondering if anyone knows how to wire up a scroll bar. I've played with the boundry, scrolling and drag/drop plugins by rex and can get it where I can drag a "slider" sprite and the text box scrolls, I can put 2 buttons one at the top and one at the bottom and when clicking them it scrolls the textbox up or down by one line, what I cannot figure out is how to wire the drag&drop, boundry and clicking of the buttons together so that if you click the down button not only does the text box scroll, but the slider moves to match it.

  • Hey I found the way to do it somewhere in the forum.

    Here is an example

    Notice there is 3 backgrounds. I used to hide the objects.

  • In the tools section of this forum I made a template for node webkit with all of the common window elements.

    You might want to take a look at it. I show how to move the window by the title bar too.

    I have a feeling my donation to the community was a big waste of time. No one seems to have even looked at it.

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  • jojoe All the images in that topic are broken..wasn't even sure what it was until you pointed it out here >.>

  • ,

    Thanks very much. I can view the files fine on this system but no other.

    I just checked it from my laptop, and I get 404's. I am going to try moving domains to maybe dropbox. For some reason this forum acts funny with MY gooogle drive account. I have no such problems with any other forum. I can even share my HTML5 pages elsewhere.

    I cant post images that are viewable from any other location but this IP address sometimes, no matter what domain I use.

    When I post links They randomly loop back to the originating page.

    Most of the time, when I post I get an Access denied page, or Cookie expired, or Server not found error.

    Nearly every time I try to Edit typos, or add URL's to my posts I get an authentication error.

    I try to post tutorials I spent entire days creating, and I get and Accessed denied page.

    I have some really good stuff on Isometric culling, and how to make isometric tile sets in blender. I have a tutorial on Neo-texture edit. I have 2 tutorials on using node-webkit to make common window elements.

    I need to find a new forum to share with I am afraid. Maybe I will check out, or move on to Unity.

    It is really hard to believe this forum is run by a company that makes web authoring tools.

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