How do I do ingame chagnes to global layers that stick

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  • Hey guys, a quick question if this thing i'm trying to do is even possible. I have a layer which is something like an inventory. It is global. When I drag n drop sprite objects inside, I move them to said layer. Then after changing layouts, they are not there - but the rest of the layer it is unused in the editor. Any clue how I can overcome this?



  • It's hard to tell without looking at your file. I load my global layers on a separate layout first, with all the files that you need for them already on that layer. Then I just switch visibility/functionality off as needed in the game. It might not be suitable for your purposes though I'm not sure. I would say the individual objects are disappearing when changing layouts because they themselves are not global.

  • They are global, but are put into the global layer during the course of the game, imagine picking up a Sword that is not in a global layer, placing it in my inventory layer - which is a global layer - then moving the Sword from the non global layer into the inventory global layer. But the the sword is not in the same layer when I change rooms...

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  • Actually it works, I was doing something wrong, but now I see it's fine. The sword is there! THanks.


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