How do I get information for the current colliding wall?

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  • Hi all,

    I was just wondering if there was a way to get the information of the 'thing' or 'wall' in this example that you're currently colliding with. I've set up a platformer that's got some wall grabbing on it, but since I don't want this to be apparent on every wall, I figured I'd just use an instance variable or something.

    After a bit of tinkering I had no luck. If this isn't possible, I'm thinking of just doing some sort of checking sprite that'll overlap the wall and I'll get hold of things that way.

    Anyone ever had a similar scenario?


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  • There are a few ways. When you do player on collision with wall, that particular wall then becomes the picked object. You could then use a sub event to compare if the wall instance variable 'grab' is true or false and go from there.

  • Hi Plinkie, thanks for the advice! Worked a treat in the end. I'll try to remember to post up the event sheet in case anyone else might need it in future.


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