How do I infinte scroll in any direction?

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  • Hi, how do i infinte scroll in any direction, like an infinite runner but 360 degrees.

    I have tried using like a trigger box, for example;

    object on collision with trigger box (just a blank sprite)

    • destroy object
    • create object (opposite side of layout to carry on the scroll)

    this works for the first time and then it doesnt work again, any idea? or better ways of doing it?

    Thank you

  • Do you mean something like the wrap behaviour?

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  • no so like im working on a space game but realised its too demanding to make loads of planets on one big map so instead i want it to randomly spawn different planets to come on to the screen when moving.. so like an infinite runner, how it randomly spawns platforms... except this is for all 360 degree direction.

  • How does an endless runner work if it's not side-scrolling? *confused*

  • sorry i should have been more clear, i meant the same mechanics as how it randomly generates objects off the screen.

    so say if i held down the key "D" from WASD keys to move right, i move the planets left and when the planet leaves the layout i want another random one to spawn at the far right. I want this to happen in whatever direction i move.

    It seems like it should be simple but i dont understand why it isnt working.

  • Hmm your original idea sounds OK for this then, probably just requires some debugging? Provide a cut down .capx with the trigger sprite mechanic and someone can take a look and maybe provide a fix.

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