How do I make infinite straight platform

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  • Ok first of all. Hello everyone! I am new to this site.

    So I have looked in the forums for an answer and I didn't find anything that answers my question, or at least something that I can understand.

    Now What I want to make is bery simple. I want just a straight platform to just repeat, to be endless, as well as the background. It is a runner game and you have to tap to make him go faster than his pretators.

    So what I need is:

    -infinite straight platform

    -repeated background scrolling

    Thanks your time

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  • Hi,

    Although it may not have all the answers it should help you on the way - there is an "Autorunner" tutorial included with Construct 2. You can access it by starting up Construct 2 (without opening your project) and look through the Tutorial section.

  • I didn't know that project existed in c2. I have searched "infinite" but I didn't knew auto-runner. Thanks for the reply

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