Infinite Runner tutorial problems

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  • Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting the platforms in my infinite runner to spawn at controlled random distances.

    I'm using the popular Multimedia Fusion youtube tutorial to go by and trying to modify it to fit within Construct 2, but naturally its a problematic process for me, particularly since I don't fully grasp some of whats going on (I have done a few Construct tutorials at least before trying this).

    Here is the tutorial link:

    I'm up to around 18:40 and just after that it shows a preview of the platforms generating at (controlled) random distances and it works well, but in my file it just spawn a consistent stream of platforms.

    Here is a screenshot of my event sheet too: <img src="" border="0" />

  • There is an auto-runner template with Construct 2.

    Just goto file new and find it there.

  • Thanks for that tip, its good seeing a different way to go about it but it doesn't speed up at all, and since I'm still really learning I'm not sure how to implement that and other features I'd like into that, so I think that by doing this thing from scratch and having things explained as I go (as the tutorial does) I'll be able to learn more.

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  • Could I please get some more help with this?

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