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  • Hi,

    I'm testing things on Template infinite jumping to learn how it works.

    Now I have 2 problems,

    1, how to get a background, now it vanishes when player jumps higher?

    2. I put random coins on top of platforms, but they come on top of every platform, is there a way to get them randomly on maybe half of the platforms?

    I use the same code to create coins as the platforms and then set position to platform.

    System create object Sprite coin

    layer "Game"

    x random(5, LayoutWidth -40)

    Y ViewportTop("Game")

    Thanks any help

  • Nevermind, I managed to workaround the problems.

  • hello I have a problem with the animations, when will jump sticks know how to fix it

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  • What do you mean?

  • Hello, Roke.. I'm a fresh and super noob in construct 2.. I recently downloaded the construct 2 program (trial ver) and I decided to create an infinite jumping game..

    I also have 2 problem and one of my problem is the same problem as yours.. It's the background that disappears after certain height..

    the second problem is the highscore box which won't go with the sprite. do you know how to fix these problem?

    I'm desperate enough to do the workaround.. lol. Tried everything I could.. still not a single problem fixed :(

  • I can not fix the 'coin' in the 'Project Auto Run' The Coin runs clear set to the player

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