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  • Hi guys.. I currently making an infinite jumping game like doodle jump using the Construct 2 template.. for now, I already got it how to make the GUI (life and scores) to follow the sprite.. but now I got stuck for the background :)

    (yeah! another background problem)

    so here is the problem.. I am still very noob at making games.. in fact this is my first. I searched the How do I section and found the parallax background which is very nice but still don't know how to make it infinite vertical..

    then I bumped into another problem which is quite stressing because I don't know where the problem is lol! pls kindly take a look at this picture.

    what I want to do is that to make sure the rabbit not warping left and right.. I tried to do it with creating another object but that object wouldn't want to go with the rabbit altogether.. I am pretty confused @

    any suggestion guys?

    oh btw, if you guys are wondering for my capx, here it is :)

    Sulli u might want to look at this :D I got another problem, yay!

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  • I cannot post any hyperlink T_T

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