How do I - make individual spries animate indvidually

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  • Hello,

    I want to spawn multiple enemies that are animated using spriter controlled sprites. I'm using FSM (Finite State Machine) to help decide what actions each of the sprites are doing. However, there are times when one sprite out a bunch does something the others are not doing - for example momentarily stand idle. The problem is that all the other instances of this sprite then stands idle with the idle animation. That animation for some reason is then applied to all instances of that enemies. This is my "thinking mode" code:-

    Click to view

    Just to clarify:-

    playerenemyTest = spriter animation object

    Enemy = sprite object (playerenemyTest overlays this)

    I suspect I'm doing something stupid, I just cannot see it. Any help would be great - Thanks in advance.

  • Please post another image for your events, ican't see anything !

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  • Hi myusername - click on the image for a bigger view.

  • Try deleting the "every tick" condition and test your game again.

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