How do I: Make individual NPC items

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  • Right now the way my player is setup is a green 32x48 Box. I create an instance of Body, Hat, Armor, Bracers, Boots, Weapon and set them to Player.X and Player.Y on move and so on.

    Now what I want to do is

    On Start of Layout > Create Enemy

    Create Body, Hat, Armor, Bracers, Boots, Weapon on Enemy.X, Enemy.Y

    But when I do this and then the player moves, it sets all of the NPCs items onto the player.

    SInce you know when Player moves Body = Player.X Player.Y

    How do I make individual items for individual NPCs.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Have you thought of spawinging/attaching them to individual points on the characters (making multiple origin points) ?

  • o.O Spawning... Riiight let me try that, I was just using System > Create object at Enemy.X Enemy.Y

    Never tried Spawning.

    Edit: I don't see it at the Enemy's XY Coords.

    Edit 2: How do I move Body spawn by player to the players coords, and move body spawned by the enemy to enemies coords?

    Edit 3: I created 2 seperate instances for PlayerArmor and NPCArmor, I am thinking this will work as I will use a Foreach statement for NPC equipment.

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