How do I Increase Speed of an Object Every.X secs

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  • I have a wall in my game that moves along the screen, right now i'm using 6 events system-wait X secs - object - increase speed to get the wall up to speed.

    Is there a way i can get the same affect with a single event?

    If someone could point me to a tutorial or explain it, i'd be greatly appreciative.

  • Make a variable called something like wallspeed and make the event. So instead of setting up something like every tick set wall.x-60*dt you can change the "60" and put your variable there. So you'll get every tick set wall.x-wallspeed*dt.

    Then you can make something like every x seconds add 10 to the wallspeed variable and the speed will then increase on the wall.

    Hope you understand

  • system every x seconds - wall set speed to wall.speed+10

    you could ofcourse clamp this to have a maximum speed

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  • Hey thanks for the replies. I'll try to wrap my head around *dt. May come in handy later.

    How would i increase the speed over a distance of pixels instead of time? As in every 500 pixels increase speed by 20?

    Again, thanks for the replies.

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