How do I increase the size of board RexRainbow

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  • Hello,

    I am trying to expand the number of cells in my board, in other words make the board bigger.

    The problem is that whenever I try to increase the width and high of the board proprieties, it only add tiles outside of the screen layout. Whenever I try to make cell smaller by decreasing its size, it just leave big gap between the cells.

    I want cells to be smaller and close to each other, if anyone have idea please help

    The link has screenshot of the code and screenshot of the game


  • You have to match the "Width" and "Height" parameters in your "SquareTx" object to the size and shape of your 'tile' Sprite. If you don't you will have gaps like that.

    For instance, if your Height and Width parameters are 60 and 60 (in px), then your tile needs to be 60x60 px.

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  • Thank you, gumshoe2029 helped a lot

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