How do I increase quality of an image?

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  • I have a little interface image to show when the player wins a stage. Its size is 330x180 and in Constructor Layout editor looks fine, but when i call it in game with "Create object" in the middle of the stage it looks a little pixelated. Is it possible to manage the image quality?

  • The only way to increase the actual quality of the image would be to scale it bigger in a program like gimp or photoshop or if its way to pixelated you may just have to make a higher resolution version.

  • For image quality. It's better to scale down than up. You can't really improve quality from increasing the size, but decreasing the size can maintain quality.

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  • I load the image in its original size. In the editor it looks good but not when previewing the game. In this image i show in the left part how it's seen just when dragging it in the Layout editor, and in the right side, how is it shown ingame:

  • Do you have this problem with other images as well? It looks like antialiasing is turned off.

  • I've found the problem and it wasn't related with the image itself. I'm explaining it to maybe help someone that gets in the same trouble:

    • I had the system constantly checking the value of a "GameState" var, so when it was "Win", it could start showing the Win Interface.
    • When GameState="Win", the system creates an instance of the Win Interface.

    The problem was that i forgot to change again the "GameState" var when the Loading Win screen event is finished, to don't allow the system enter in that event again. System was knowing that it was in "Win" state and it was creating Win interfaces eternally.

    This situation was not only progresively slowing the cpu, but making the interface image looks in that strange way i showed. So now it works fine and the image is rendered correctly.

    Thanks anyways guys for trying to find a solution, i'm kinda new with Construct 2 and still having noob problems.

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