How to increase game difficulty gradually

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  • Hiya all,

    I'm almost finished with my game, but I don't yet understand how I can efficiently increase the difficulty.

    Basically your control a bomber aircraft and drop bombs on different heights. There's only one 'level'.

    There are two main 'enemies' the fighter aircraft coming in and the flak that's being shot at the player ( the bomber).

    This is what I have currently for the flak:

    And the fighter aircraft enemies:

    And what I only know how to increase difficulty:


    So let's say, how to increase the flak every 30 seconds, and the fighters coming in more often all gradually until impossible to survive.

    My head is spinning when I think about how to do this, if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.


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  • You can use global variables as a timer. (BF109respawn and Flakrateoffire)

    You reduce the timers after a period of time until the timers are at their maximum. (I set 60seconds)

    Hope you understand.

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  • Thanks Pandadoor! Yes I understand it. I implemented it, thanks again. Didn't even know one could call 'every <globalvariable> seconds'!

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