How do I increase frame rate for my mobile game?

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  • Right, I have created a mobile game, I won't bother explaining it, and when I test it out on my phone it has a really poor FPS (around 22FPS)... I export it using cocoonjs and test the app using the cocoonjs launcher app for iphone. I run my game on an iphone 4 as a sort of benchmark so that i know it will run smoothly on other devices that are not so modern.

    In the construct 2 editor it says the estimated memory use is 9.6mb. I think that is low? I have done all I can to remove possible problems such as adding tiled background instead of a large image, set transparent background to no, removed as many transparent objects as possible etc. Why isnt it running smoothly.

    I am using 3 or 4 'every tick' commands but this shouldn't really affect the performance, should it? I have run the game in debug mode and it is calculating only 400 collisions per second, There is no physics in the game, there are only 14 objects on the screen, at the moment. I don't think I am doing anything wrong.

    Is it just the fact that testing the app on on the cocoonjs app slow it down? Please help!

  • I have tested on several different devices and looked at the specs for all the different processors. I personally am not going to support iPhone 4 and below. It is simply too low power of a device (like a PC from the 1990s).

    The iPhone4s is about twice as powerful and everything above that gets even better.

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  • ggibson1 Probably why then! Thanks a lot! At least it is running poorly not due to my poor optimisation...

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