How do I increase the FPS on my mobile phone?

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  • Hi guys. I have created a simple 2d game for mobile phones. The game is VERY SIMPLE, few animations and sprites on screen but the game runs so slow! I tested it on Cocoonjs on my iPhone 4. Any solution for this? Or just is my phone? Thank you and sorry for my bad english!

  • Try reducing the size of the images,

    See if your mobile is blacklisted,

    and finally see the programming, you can put a small piece of code to see if this is the problem.

  • Another thing you might want to try is destroying unneeded objects like the ones that aren't visible. If the game is a side scroller like flappy bird, you could put a line of code in that destroys anything that is passed the 0 pixels mark. Also, like Iceangel said, check the size of your images. Depending on how little they are, you might even want to make them a bit bigger (i.e makes more sense to have 1 solid ground sprite than many instances of a ground sprite on screen making the processing heavier)

    Worst case scenario, you have a crappy phone!

    Hope it helps!

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  • Also I would recommend checking your game through the debugger to see if any unexpected things are happening and what part of your game is taking up the largest amount of memory/processing time..

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