Increase the cache size of chrome preview?

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  • Hi. I've been having this problem with sound not loading properly in my game previews for a long time now. At the beginning of every level, the game usually loads in a music track of avarage 2 minutes in length, and also a couple of ajax ".txt" files.

    However too often the files simply refuses to load. This is however not a problem at all after I've exported to Node-webkit, but it makes for a very impractical testing process in Chrome.

    Is there any ways to increase the cache size for construct 2 in chrome, or apply any other tricks to gurantee that the preview loads everything properly, even in a long playsession?

    Edit: Also. This issue is also present in Node-Webkit preview!


  • What makes you think it's a cache issue? Are there any errors in the console (ctrl+shift+j) when it doesn't work?

  • I'll admit that it's a wild guess for me to target the cache as the source of the issue. However the reason I'm suspecting it, is that the game always performs as expected right after boot up, but it very rarely does if I either reload the layout, or progress to a different stage. Here's a screenshot of the closest I could track down to an issue in the console. This screenshot was taken after the Ajax files had failed to reload, but the music played off as intended.

    Edit: Here's a screenshot from the "console" tab.

    Nothing strange or unusual happening there.

    Hope this helps.

  • Those errors look like Construct 2's preview server has shut down. Did you close the project or close Construct 2? If so, the game will no longer to be able to load resources even if it keeps running in the browser.

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  • No I definately did not. I always keep both construct 2 and the project running while previewing. The preview has no issues with loading assets in the level. Only ajax files and sound is affected.

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