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  • So I have been having a strange issue, when I run a test on my game the character jumps about 64 pixels high. When I send the file to my friends to test it the character jumps only about 32 pixels high. Anyone know what the issue might be? I'm using the provided platforming system.

  • Sorry, I don't mean to be a nuisance but it's really impeding my progress currently. Does anyone have any ideas why the game might operate differently on different computers?

  • It's hard to say without you posting a capx for us to see how you coded/implemented your game.

    The platform behavior is framerate independent so there shouldn't be differences.

  • Here is a link to the .capx

    I placed the character next to a platform with an arrow pointing to it, when I test the game on my computer I can easily jump to it but when I test it on other computers I can't even reach the top of the ledge. Sorry for the messy organization this is mostly just testing out ideas.

    Controls are the arrow keys and space to jump.

  • Indeed, I can't reach the platform either.

    What's your computer specs and OS ?

    Anyway, if you change the value of jump strength the platform is reachable.

    Ashley any idea about this ?

  • The computer I'm using isn't spectacular. I'm running on Window XP and 2 gigs of ram.

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  • This may be a completely stupid answer, could it have anything to do with Firefox? as I run it in chrome and it it cannot reach the ledge, I do not have Firefox to try?

  • I also noticed that you can grab the edge of the arrowed level and get up that way, edge grab or whatever you call it?

  • I think the jump height does vary with the framerate.

    Jumping is just projectile motion and you can calculate mathematically the jump height with this formula:

    jump_height = (jumpStrength^2)/(2 * gravity)

    In the case of the example the calculated jump height should be 50 pixels.

    When I ran the capx I measured the jump height and it was 56 pixels. On my machine it was running a about 30fps.

    The platform behavior currently changes the y position like this:

    y = y + v_velocity * dt

    If it's changed to this:

    y = y + v_velocity * dt + 0.5 * gravity * dt * dt

    Then the measured jump height will match the calculated jump height regardless the framerate.

    Ashley my proposed fix is to change this:

    ..\Construct 2\exporters\html5\behaviors\platform\runtime.js lines 582-583

    this.inst.x += this.dy * dt * this.downx;
    this.inst.y += this.dy * dt * this.downy;

    to this:

    this.inst.x += (this.dy * dt + 0.5 * this.g * dt * dt) * this.downx;
    this.inst.y += (this.dy * dt + 0.5 * this.g * dt * dt) * this.downy;
  • thousand apologies for necroing this post, but has this been addressed? I'm seeing height inconsistencies in my really lightweight game. Firefox *and* chrome.

  • I'm on here as well because I am also seeing jump height inconsistencies.

    I created a trampoline and drew a line as reference, I just let the ball bounce up and down and it reaches different heights without any intervention.

    This makes it hard to tune a good game where the main mechanic is jumping :).

    I'm on Firefox.

    Any solutions yet ?

    Thank you !

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