included event sheet not working after full game loop

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  • Hi, I'm having a very puzzling time with this issue, hope someone can help me..

    I have an included event sheet in my "stage1" layout that handles my scoring and player movement, gauges etc..

    On first run, from title screen layout, character select layout to using a "go to" "stage 1" layout command, all is good..

    After a "game over", I return to the title screen, to the character select, and then the same "go to" "stage 1" layout command - all other layouts are fine, but "stage 1" layout that has my included player movement no longer responds - scores dont increment, they're just stuck at the default property text, gauges are frozen etc..

    Can anyone tell me if I am missing something?? - Resetting global variables doesnt work and I am not using persists at all...

    I have groups enabling and disabling within that sheet, but they are flagged as "active on start" - does the "go to" not reset them?? if not, is there any other command to "go to" and properly restart? "restart layout" only works for looping around one single layout, it seems...

  • No, go to layout does not reset groups. In fact, nothing resets groups. You need to re-activate them one by one with events.

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  • dop2000

    Thanks, at least I know now!! - does that mean the ""active on start" checkbox serves no purpose?

  • It means active on start of the game, not on start of the layout.

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