Include eventsheet doesn't run on layout restart?

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  • I have an include "anothersheet" at the top of a layout.

    And the "anothersheet" uses json loading into hashtable via ajax.

    Happen to notice that

    1. If you try to push "preview" from construct 2 when the browser is already running preview ...the preview reloads but the include doesnt run / ajax call is ignored?

    Because the JSON values all become zero!

    2. Even if you browser refresh the layout its the same case.

    3. "Restart" layout also doesnt probably call include / ignores new ajax call and uses cached values.

    Because try having a key for restart layout (say Esc).. and change the json on the fly, then press Esc.. it still uses old values.

    A work around for point#3, is to use On key pressed Esc -> Go to layout "samelayoutname" instead of "restart layout" .. that seems to make a fresh ajax request.

    So far, I haven't found a workaround for point #1 and #2.

    Any sane reasons why this is so?

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