How do I include event sheet under conditions

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  • Hello,

    i'm currently making some tests to develop a multiplayer turn-based game (1 vs 1). Thus, there will be one host and one peer by room.

    Actions permitted to host and peer during their respective turn are the same.

    Then, to avoid duplicating code I wanted to develop an event sheet (like GAME_LOGIC) and include it only under conditions like this :

    But it doesn't seem to work : both players can play at the same time.

    If I duplicate the code from this sub-event-sheet in the if and in the "else" (ES_GameDetail contains the cancelled events): no problem, each player can only play during its turn.

    Any idea ?


  • includes go at top of eventsheet. I would make a condition within ES_gameDetail as to whose turn it is and trigger events accordingly. There is a turn based multiplayer in tutorial section which handles turns very well.

    Edit: link

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  • Many thanks for the link ! It seems to match perfectly what I want to do

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