How do I include audio in my app build without it crashing?

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  • Just found out after tedious tests that the Audio plugin in C2 is causing my built app to crash after the splash screen. With Audio plugin deleted in C2, game works, minus sound. With Audio plugin included, game crashes. Latest version of C2 and Intel XDK. Even when manually adding the official Media plugin in XDK. What is the correct current way to build an app with audio for Android/Cordova/Crosswalk?

  • adamcreator - (A guess)I think the reason your app is crashing is because you added the Media plugin of IntelXDK. Did you try not adding the Media plugin on IntelXDK, just to be sure?

  • Yes, I built it both with and without the Media plugin. Both crash.

  • adamcreator - That's weird it works fine with me. Did you use the latest version of IntelXDK and used the latest CLI version and Plugins? If you have the latest of the following and still crashing then I suggest you remake your IntelXDK project and re-import your game from Construct2.

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  • Yes to all and already did to all.

  • I've experimented by making dozens of test builds using all sorts of different variables, options, plugins, etc., so it is plain to me that there is still some audio issue with at least the *latest* versions of C2 and XDK. If anyone is able to get audio to work--using the latest versions--please give me every detail you can about what options, settings, plugins, etc., you used. (i.e., new/old XDK format, min OS, plugin additions/edits, etc.) Otherwise I may have to look into using the previous version of C2, if that's possible and would lack the error. ... t.wolftest Also if anyone has a mobile Android device and actually gets sound running this test app please let me know. Can also be found by searching Google Play for: wolftest

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