How to include admob ads on version 171 of c2?

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    I am comfortable with this version and don't want to update,is there any way to add also doesn't have to be admob ads just any ads


    An easy way (make a back up first of your project), download the latest or just a version up of 171.

    Confirmation before download which version have inside the admob plugin.

    So, after that, install the "new" construct and keep the old. Go to new construct path, open exporters/html5/plugins and find the folder with name: "admob". Copy the folder and paste it to your old version.

    Try to make some ads tests. I think is working (I done it before)! : -)))


    Why not just update? Staying at such an old, buggy build is nonsensical.

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    I'm guessing you're using a cracked version, because otherwise, as zenox said, it would make no sense not to update. (if you do have a license just ignore this post)

    I'm not against using a cracked version at all, as it allows you to get a good look at the program before making the dedication of a purchase. Did it myself aswell (sorry Scirra ).

    That being said, if you're familiar with the software and you're gonna truly use it (if you're building adds into your game you've definitely past this point) you should buy a license and support the people who worked hard to build this beautiful engine since you're going to make money of it.

    Thx all I will see what I will do

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