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  • Hi guys

    Im trying to make the Main Menu bar and logics

    I want once the main menu bar is up, to disable all other clicks and events.

    The question is what is the best way to do it? I don't wanna make all events to have If MainMenu is on screen or anything like that.

    All ideas are welcome


  • I like the game. What is it im dead curious.

  • Thanks dragoonblade

    Frankly im not sure what exactly it will become as it evolves constantly, depending on what i decide and ofcorse what i can do, because im kinda noob with C2 and total noob about coding.

    Anyways for now it is ment to be a mini RTS - Tower Defence mix or something like that. We'll see what will become :)

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  • You could add all your script in a group and toggle that group when needed ...

  • Hmm good idea. Sounds reasonable.

    Any idea if i can toggle Event sheets active/inacive trough actions?

  • The way I did it was to wrap all my trigger/mouse/touch events under a condition Menu = 0 (false). So they're not trigger when menu is active also put all my elements in a family and set timescale to 0.

    PS love your game's paths and wall creation, very interested in how you did that :) Good Job.

  • I don't think so ... I don't see how you would use a event sheet toggle ...

  • Groups are the way to go and the game looks awesome!

  • Yeah groups work awasome. Thanks alot.

    &labithiotis im afraid the walls/roads logic is not as elegant as i intended. I create an object on the last tower, with bunch of imagepoints and another one that rotates toward the mouse. Also towers have Instance Variable that remembers how many walls attached and what orientation they are. If you want i can show you the code, but im afraid its kinda messy.

    Anyways i decided i will remove roads as it doesnt fit to gameplay anymore and walls will loose orientation (will look the same both ways). Big waste of the code and art ive done but still i'm happy i acomplished it.

  • Hmm have you looked into the warcraft battle chest. Something like that be epicly awsome. Defense and offense objective. I have so much idea to where your game could be going toward. But ultimately it is your game.

    Oo what about set path way you can make to let player pave road to where worker follow like an ant trail so that you dont have to code where worker go to item.

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