in-game screen for tutorial disappears

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  • Hi,

    I have a layer 1 that I want to be visible when the player has not seen the tutorial at least 1 time. I'm able to show it, but I also want it to disappear whenever you click anything.

    My problem is that from my previous layout (Main Menu) to the game layout(Level), the system counts any click as part of the "On any click" statement and then the tutorial is being showed for a millisecond.

    Is there any way to tell the system to start considering the "Any click" or "Any key pressed" associated to a particular layout, like Level, and not anywhere else?

    The condition was placed on the Level layout as

    Layer 1 is visible ->

    On any key released:

    Set layer 1 to Invisible -- Tutorial layer is 1

    Set TutorialViewed to 1 -- So I know that the tutorial was viewed once

    in-game capx

    Any help would be great!!! Thanks!!!

  • You could hide the layer "on key pressed" / "on touch start" instead of "on key released" / "on touch end" etc.

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  • ramones That's awesome! I just changed it to Key pressed, On Mouse Click, On Touch Start... and it worked! Thanks for your help!!!!

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