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  • Hello!

    I'm having a ruff time by solving a problem, or sort of. I have some gaming sites and for one month I start developing my own games in Construct 2. All good and fine, but I don't know how to add Google Ad in games, like 30-60sec after the game is running.

    I saw games like this, when you clear a stage, or you die, an AD is listed. Somebody know how to do this? It's a plugin for C2 somewhere? I searched for answers, but can't find something relevant. I have in my Adsense account ADs special for this, like Adsense for Games (AFG), so it's not a problem with the policy.

    If you could help me, I'll be more than happy!

    Have a great day!

  • There are a few plugins available, try searching for "admob" on this forum, this has been discussed probably in a thousand posts.

    EDIT: Sorry, the question was about Adsense, not Admob. My bad...

  • I think that's a different thing. Does admob even work on desktop? Anyway, I will be in need of something like this too, very soon. I checked out Ads for games, but haven't found anything other than pre game ads. I suspect some manual javascript coding may be required to do this between levels.

  • dop2000, yes, I found 100+ posts about AdMob, but this is for web games, not mobile.

    BadMario, you are right. This is different, not working on web games. I'm working with those from CloudGames, and they have a plugin for C2, but is just for them, not for sealing or something else. I'm thinking too at some javascript coding. Maybe somebody from this forum how makes plugins for C2?

  • Anybody got some ideas?

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  • Well, I guess you have to do what Cloudgames, Famobi, , gamepix do, code your own plugin for Construct.

    It is puzzling Scirra does not realize that by coding such a plugin for everybody to use ( which would take them maybe 2 days ) they would sell 5 times more Construct 2/3 units than they will with all other new features combined.

    I am currently in game development mode, so haven't paid that much attention to ads side. Hopefully turns out to be easier that it looks at first glance. A few more weeks to polish up these games then I will see what the options are.

  • That's true hope they will do this.

  • StefanN if you have access to the adsense for games api you can use a few plugins to get ads running fine

  • Are you trying to place ads in your mobile game?

  • This is for native web not mobile RozekEnhance

  • This is for native web not mobile RozekEnhance

    My bad. Sorry.

  • Phacanu, finally, I solved that with a script that invoke a Javascript line.

  • StefanN

    where i to find c2 plugin for CloudGames ??

  • Phacanu, finally, I solved that with a script that invoke a Javascript line.

    Hi, could you share the knowledge? I'm also looking for a solution to this and I'm not a coder.

  • kcalpesh, could you please tell me more about what are you searching?

    I solved my problem by doing the following things.

    1. When I want to show the AD, I will have 2 Javascript lines (Browser > Execute Javascript). The first one is: "cr_setSuspended(true);" that will suspend (pause) the game and the next is "window[preroll.config.loaderObjectName].refetchAd();" that will fetch my AD.

    2. After I export the game, I will add in the index.html file, in header, the AD, like this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="example.iframe.conf.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript" src="example.js"></script>

    Those two scripts are provided by our partners, Google Certificate Partners that manage our Adsense account. I don't know more about them.

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