In-game actions don't trigger consistently

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  • For the time being I have 'M' mapped to entering doors/opening chests, but I can't seem to get it to trigger consistently, or at all in the case of the lone treasure chest... it's supposed to pop open (I have an animation for that and it should switch over if I stand over it and press M) ... I have 'N' mapped to attack and that works every time so i can't quite figure out why it's so inconsistent

    Anyone know why the events won't trigger every time?

  • It would be much easier to help if you attached a .capx rather than the exported project, or at least, some pictures of your events.

    If triggering is inconsistent, then one thing to check is to make sure your collision polygon and origins are correct.

    The other main reason would be an event problem, but we would need the .capx or pictures to help in that respect.

  • OK hopefully it works this time (I found a bounch of caproj files but I didn't think that was it, so I renamed one of the .autosave files so hopefully that will still work

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  • One problem is that you have the event sheet for Room 1 set to "Entrance". See how you go after fixing that.

    Edit: ok a closer look shows you want to share events between layouts, but you've got a couple of events on the Room 1 sheet that will not be used.

    You should have common events in their own sheet and "include" them in layouts where you need them.

  • EDIT: oh! I think I understand what you're getting at, I'll have to try it that way.

    oooh ok! I'm still kinda getting the hang of Construct 2, I thought trying my hand at something a little more complex than a simple shooting game like the tutorial that Ashley did, that would get me used to the concepts and things in Construct 2.

    But I'll take a closer look at some of those things next time I go back to it!

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