In-app Purchases (Again)

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  • Hey, hope this gets the attention of you Ashley.

    Right now I'm in the midst of developing a pretty big game with Construct 2. When it's complete enough, we'll be getting an audience with Chillingo to talk about publishing the game. Recently, with the announcement of WebGL support for CocoonJS, I have become pretty confident that performance will not be a problem. Yet at the same time, I'm afraid that Monetization might become a big one. Publishers will definitely want to find ways like ads and In-app Purchases for the game, so I need to know how I can implement in-app purchases from CocoonJS. Since the functionality already seems to be in CocoonJS and Construct's behaviors, I figured there should be a way right?

    But I've been searching for guides, tutorials, discussions and all I've seen is maybes and possibilities but no sure way to implement it. Maybe there should be a guide on this? an In-depth one? I mean monetization is a really big key to accomplishing big titles with C2 on mobile.

  • You can easily insert html code/divs so ads are for sure no problem.

    Here are 2 Plugins to do that extremly easily, choose the one you like:Plugin1Plugin2

    For In-Game purchasing I cant help you much cause we got there our own api. But if you want make it easily and fast, just pick any Web.Purchasing service and bind it in your project like the ads.

  • Hmm, but iOS apps can only use Appstore IAP. It's against the rules to use alternatives.

  • Yeah, sry I dont develop for iOS ^^ I dont like it :D If nobody else can help you I will look how to do that.

  • Alright! Thank you Darklinki :)

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  • CocoonJS IAP should already be possible, but we're missing some documentation on it. Hopefully we'll be fixing that soon.

  • Ashley I read the update here and I'm really happy and proud to be a C2 user :) thanks Ashley!

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