How do I: In-App Purchase (IAP) on Google-Play w/ Crosswalk?

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  • Hello All...

    Is there an 'All-in-One' Tutorial to cover In-App Purchase (IAP) on Google-Play (Android) using Crosswalk Intel XDK?

    Kindof like the tutorial: "In-App Purchase on Google Play (Android) using CocoonJS" (

    The basic manual: "IAP object" ( is a great start, but I miss a step-by-step Tutorial for Construct2 programming. Also, a working .capx for demo purposes would be bonus. ;)

    And on the export side using Crosswalk Intel XDK, I need help regarding adding a 'billing key' to my project as requested on the Intel's Website: "IAP in the Intel® XDK" (

    I teach "GameON Programming" to both Middle School and High School students, and we're excited about using Construct 2.

    Thanks in advance... :) Jason

  • following.

  • Though there has been 50+ views, I'm wondering why no response yet... could it be because no one has successfully tried In-App Purchase on Google-Play using Crosswalk Intel XDK?

    I'm using Crosswalk Intel XDK, because it was the easiest to use (no keystore, signing, and zip align to worry about . Yet if there's another simple, clearly guided method to achieve the same goal of Google-Play Publishing, then I'm all for it.

    (I really enjoy the user-friendly Tutorials that take on such advanced topics, such as exporting/publishing to major stores.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered... Jason

  • I'm looking for the same thing, any progress on this?

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  • Me too. For sooo long now. I have figured out some steps, but havent got it working....

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